Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are in the business of preserving and restoring health and comfort. At the same time, they must protect their patients and staff from fire and other hazards. The health care environment introduces many unique systems and equipment that require special consideration when planning a fire and life safety system. With hundreds or even thousands of people inside larger facilities, security and communication are key elements in minimizing injuries and other damage.

Wayman’s wide range of experience and expertise allows us to be a one-stop service for your facility. We can provide not only fire alarm and sprinkler systems, but also implement systems to handle security concerns such as limited access areas and recording and monitoring set-ups, communications such as emergency broadcasting and nurse call systems, and special hazard safety for pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, and other hazardous materials.

From kitchens and cafes to operating theaters, hallways to waiting rooms, laundry facilities to patient rooms, the dedicated technicians at Wayman will work with you to select the best systems to keep you and your health care facility safely doing what you do best, day after day.