Our company’s success is built on the safe work practices of many hardworking professionals doing the right thing every day. Our commitment to a safe work place is company wide, from tradesman at your job site to administrative support in our offices. The company’s safety team is constantly reviewing our procedures and standards of both SOPS and cutting edge technology to maintain our safe work place and safe work behaviors. We have achieved our records and awards by demanding safe work practices which exceed our industry standards.

To learn more about our focus on safety, check out the awards we’ve won, the associations and councils we’re part of, and our safety numbers below.

Year EMR Exposure Hours
2013 0.88 (projected) July 1 Renewal
2012 0.90 200,897
2011 0.93 202,159
2010 0.86 209,154

Year Lost Work Day Incident
2013 None to Date (05/28/13)
2012 0
2011 3
2010 2